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How Link Detox® and LRT Evolved

So far LinkResearchTools (LRT) had...

✅ all the link data (25 data sources!)
✅ all answers
✅ and the user had to ask the questions

In the Next Generation of LinkResearchTools (LRT) also has...

✅ the questions
✅ the use cases
✅ the work priorities
✅ the (semi-)automated solution
✅ and lovely reports for your clients

will be provided by the system.


Spend more time on Quality Work - Not Data Gathering


💪 Get ready for a new way of
💪 managing dozens or hundreds of websites' backlink profiles

And spend even more time on the high level work,
instead of gathering data points.

All that support for

✅ Link Audits (Recover)
✅ Link Analysis and Monitoring (Protect)
✅ Competitive Analysis (Learn)
✅ Link Building (Grow)

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while you wait... watch this video on

How to evaluate links in 2019 and beyond.

...and learn

  • how to evaluate a link's quality
  • what is missing in the link evaluation of many
  • show off a lot of examples in the new Link Detox Smart and LRT Smart



and especially existing users may be interested in this video on

Link Crawl Budget to replace the Credit System in LRT

...which will help utilize your account much better.

A quick introduction to how Link Detox Risk, Link Profile Coverage and the Simulation of Links works.


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